I have been surrounded by cats all weekend. I realize this is an odd thing to say, but it is true. I have somehow encountered a cat at least once over the past few days. Lets start with Friday.  I was at Neimans and saw a very cute novelty loafer. It was crushed blue velvet with a cat face and ears nicely placed at the toe.  I am not a cat lover, but I found this shoe to be intriguing and fun. Even if you do not agree, at minimum it is a conversation starter.
On Saturday, I watched a cat for three whole hours. The cat was Anne Hathaway. I clearly went to see Batman!
Today, I was reading this months issue of W magazine and came across an article about Karl Lagerfeld entitled “The Aristicats”. Alongside was a full page photo of Karl Lagerfeld’s back featuring his signature pony tail and a cat on his shoulder. Apparently, he has acquired a kitten named Choupette who is his latest muse. The kitten has influenced him so much that he decided to use a cat theme for his latest photo shoot in W.  I turned the page and found a black and white photo of 8 women dressed as couture cats. Sounds bizarre but works and is a beautiful photo.
With the flip of one more page, you can see Choupette peeping out of a little bag which I assume is Chanel.
I thought that would conclude my weekend of cats but no. A few pages later there is a spread with Linda Evangelista where she is dressed as a superhero cat.
I sincerely hope she will be the last feline I encounter for a long time!

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