I stopped in Neimans today on Michigan Avenue. I was browsing around mainly to avoid stepping back into the cold when my eye caught a few pairs of shoes that I had never seen before. I immediately recognized them as Alexander McQueen Booties in rare fabrications.  One was black and white tweed, the other was black with hard gold angelic embroidery and the last was a taller closed toe bootie with silver metal appendages reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands.  I also noticed a few uncharted Fendis along with two colorful pairs of Diego Dolcini heels. It was clear in my fashion clouded brain that these are all of “The Rejects” meaning less practical, less wearable and certainly less appealing to the heterosexual male eye. However, these shoes have migrated to Chicago from their original location which seemed to have been the most likely fit. They are here at a discounted price for one last shot at finding a suitable home. Although, I fear most are destined to land on the foot of a European Tourist working the coveted outlet shops.


You will see these lost soles floating around the sale section and immediately recognize why they did not sell. Yes. There are a few ugly ducks in the row, but the majority are very unusual and fashion forward. If my years in retail had not permanently widened my feet, I would probably be rocking the open toe gold and black McQueen Bootie all day long. I am definitely guilty of splurging on my share of “It Bags” but why not have an “Out Shoe” for once. There is something refreshing to me about being “Out” lately.

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