John Galliano has been in the industry for years and is extremely creative
and talented. He does whatever he wants each season which is why I  love
him. His looks are always very theatrical and over the top. His Runway
Collection is fun to look at but it does not translate well to real life
unless you are Rhianna. This is always the dilemma I face when buying

The current collection was filled with whimsical dresses, jackets, and tops
along with pretty butterfly and floral prints. The looks were fresh off the
runway but needed to be somewhat de constructed to transform into wearable,
affordable (this word remains relative in my blogs) clothing. There were a
few breathtaking gowns and one particular trench dress with a ruffle tiered
hem and floral embroidery was a dream. However, the price tags on these
babies were $10,000 plus - not exactly in sync with the economy these days.
Pieces like this tend to be "press pieces" or are reserved for the likes of
celebrities who get the majority of their wardrobe free of cost. I find it
amusing that the group of people who could pay designer prices rarely have
to. I should have been a rock star.