Sometimes our partners are not as fashionable as we are but this can be a touchy subject to broach. We don’t want to offend or hurt feelings so here are some strategies to help you give your partner some fashion advice nicely.

Provide an alternative.
The power of suggestion can work wonders. Instead of saying “change into this” try phrasing your alternative along these lines:

  • “That outfit would look better with that jacket.”
  • “I prefer that great shirt you wore last weekend.”

Shop with your partner and make it fun!
This is an easy way to help your partner pick complimentary pieces so they can avoid last-minute fashion issues when getting ready to go out. While you are shopping, it is highly advisable to:

  • Compliment them in the fitting room.
  • Incorporate lunch or a cocktail at Fred’s in Barney’s or the bar in Nordstrom to make the experience fun. 

Point out celebrity styles you like for them.
No one minds being compared to a celebrity every now and then. Here are subtle ways to tell your partner what style you have in mind for them:

  • “Those jeans Brad Pitt has on would look great on you.”
  • “You have a similar body type to Leonardo DiCaprio.”
  • “The suit Ryan Gosling is wearing would look great on you!”

Let a third person be the bad guy.
If poor style is a constant problem for your partner, maybe have a Mom, sibling or friend break the news to them.

Offer to accompany your partner to a tailor.
No one is a perfect size anything and the right fit makes a world of difference.

Do not make any negative or mean comments.
Negative or mean comments will only backfire. Your point will not get across and your partner will probably be upset. Instead of saying “Your thighs look big in that” or “That shirt is the worst”, try:

  • “That sport coat you wore last weekend looked amazing on you!”
  • “The blue shirt you wore to dinner last week reflects beautifully on your blue eyes!”

Don’t let items you dislike go “missing” in the wash or “lost” at the dry cleaner.
Your partner will notice and perhaps play the same game. You wouldn’t want your favorite jeans to disappear…

all of your critiques and comments must be expressed at home when your partner has an opportunity to change.
Once you are out, your partner looks fabulous even if they don’t! No need to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them insecure.