One of the main fashion themes for Fall 2012 is combining the past with the future. Designers are bringing back trends of the past and updating them to work in the present. The concept of what’s old is new again is definitely the focus this season. For instance, the baroque era was nearly 400 years ago yet it is one of the most popular trends. Many designers are looking back to the opulence of the time and using it to update their collections with gold, heavy embroidery, embellishment and lace. The best examples of this are seen in the Dolce & Gabbana collection which includes some of my favorite accessories like the gold pearl-enhanced minaudiere (accent on 2nd to last e) and headband. Another designer who is looking back to the past is Miuccia Prada. Only she is channeling her own past by bringing back themes from 1996. The year marked one of her most popular collections that is often referred to as “the ugly chic collection”. It is characterized by multicolored geometric prints which are paired together. The RTW is not for everyone, but the patterns and bold colors translate quite nicely in the accessories. Much like Miuccia Prada, the design duo of Bally also looked back to their archives to create the current collection. Bally was originally a footwear company and they admittedly stick to their roots by building the entire collection around the shoe. Fall 2012 is also marked by a more literal translation of the past meeting the future by placing the focus back on classic accessories. Original watch styles from Cartier and Chopard are popular again and Hermes accessories are everywhere. The enameled and lock cuffs from Hermes are in every magazine this month. The Guess ad even has exact replicas of the famous accessories! I suppose one of the only things that is consistent about fashion is its tendency to repeat itself. Personally, I love all of the past themes and accessories that are being revived and cannot wait to dive into Fall this year!


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