I am still not ready to go out and bare that cold Chicago blizzard that has been attacking my glass box of an apartment for the last 24 hours.  Anyone who claims Chicago earned the title “Windy City” due to political involvement or anything else for that matter should take a stroll down Michigan Ave. today – CHICAGO IS JUST PLAIN WINDY!

Life indoors has inspired me to indulge in a few domestic activities.  I even managed to sort through my jeans!  This is one of the most dreaded activities for a woman, so take my advice ladies DO IT ALONE. No matter how much your man loves you or how metrosexual he is, no man wants to watch you squeeze in and out of endless pairs of jeans while complaining about your body and listing off everything you ate that day!   After plowing alone through the denim dungeon I call a closet, I am now inspired to find the top denim destinations in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to spend a great portion of my life within minutes of what I believe to be the world’s top denim boutique, Riccardi. This denim haven has been a fashion landmark on Boston’s Newbury Street for over 30 years. What makes Riccardi so special is a knowledgeable sales staff and owner who is dedicated to provide the best, most current denim lines on the market. It is obvious how much thought goes into every wash, cut, style and fit selected for the store.

Bonus: Riccardi will hem your jean free of charge w/i 24 hours which is key. Nothing like instant gratification when shopping!

I urge all readers to chime in if you already have inside knowledge on the best denim Chicago has to offer. The search is on….

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