Now that you have an idea of who Angela Sparrow is as a person, I feel comfortable introducing you to Angela Sparrow – The Diva!


It was incredible to watch such a mild mannered woman transform the second the camera started flashing.  The first shot was like an alarm that told us it was time to have a seat on “Angela’s Planet”. She displayed a string of facial expressions that managed to evoke almost every human emotion.  A few minutes passed and you were not sure if Angie was trying to have sex with you, beat you up or buy you an ice-cream cone!  Regardless of this emotional roller coaster, when the camera finally stooped you immediately realized you were in the presence of the same sweet girl who arrived at the studio.


While the subject is clearly responsible for the appearance of each photo, I have to say her wardrobe did not hurt!  I was fortunate enough to have help from my friends at Perchance Boutique and Lu Lu’s Vintage.  I used multiple pieces from each store to create five impeccable looks. They are all visually appealing and help capture different aspects of Angie.  The first look we shot was a little edgy.  I used some killer boots and a shredded Balmain top to bring out a bit of the wild side. I managed to seal the deal with two leather studded cuffs on each wrist.  The second look was the complete opposite.  We used a soft pink dress with feather accents and paired it with beautiful vintage chandelier earrings.  This made Angie come across as a very feminine woman with a hint of Old Hollywood Glam.  The third look was modern and just plain sexy!  I put Angie in a RED HOT dress and that is really all there is to it!  The fourth look included a bi-color dress that was chosen by the photographer based on the lighting. (I always trust the photographer. At the end of the day he is responsible for the outcome of every shot!)  I paired his dress selection with an amazing cuff and long vintage leaf shaped earrings that Angie adored.


The final look was probably the most special as it was our “Pageant Shot”. Angie was all smiles in her crown and sash which flawlessly joined a stunning red vintage gown. The gown fit like a glove and managed to accentuate every curve of her petite frame. I am yet to see the end product but am confident that the pictures will reflect what was an amazing photo shoot.


I promise that Miss Illinois is the one to watch in 2011.

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