you do not have to hide from the sun but remember to be safe and wear sunscreen.  It is important to reapply it throughout the day, especially after going into the water.  A cute hat also helps as the t-zone tends to burn first, especially around the nose.

*My favorite products for sunscreen are Kiehls, Clarins, and Neutrogena.  It’s always wise to put a more sensitive, stronger sunblock on the face which is more prone to sun damage.  On a daily basis, I always opt for tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier but step it up for the beach or pool.

*Almost any hat will serve the purpose here, baseball hat, trendy cowgirl hat, floppy hat, or even the 80’s inspired “Dynasty Hat.”  Beware of the visor, especially if your hair is colored or sensitive to sun damage.

Some of the best splurges can be found at Barney’s. They have a nice selection of hats. (My ultimate splurge would be one from Lanvin this season)

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