There is nothing better than a man who knows how to dress.  I love it when men are confident and take pride in their appearance. It is also key for a man to know how to dress appropriately for every occasion.  I am noticing more and more that this essential knowledge is often missing at award shows.  I commend all male attendees who kept the allure of the event alive with their dapper appearance and behavior.  I especially commend ROB LOWE who I thought was hands down the best dressed man of the evening. Rob Lowe wore a gorgeous tuxedo designed by Tom Ford. Yes, it is hard to go wrong when Tom Ford is involved – his design, talent and attention to detail cannot be trumped. However, Rob Lowe is the one who rocked it this weekend!

Lowe’s tux is a perfect example of “classic with a twist.” That phrase acts as a handy rule of thumb in the fashion world because it emphasizes a timeless, ageless style but still allows for individuality. I loved the classic single breasted tux with the peak lapel and single button worn by Lowe.  It was beautifully constructed and represents sheer elegance.  Tom Ford is also behind the tux worn by John Hamm. While this tux was amazing as well, the jacket was double breasted with a shawl collar.  I always prefer the modern yet timeless style worn by Rob Lowe.

In great contrast to the chic men adorned in Tom Ford are the fashion faux pas. In other words, those that chose to dress in a way that is inappropriate for the occasion and ignores the elegance of the evening. Listen, I am as fashion forward as they come. I believe in having fun with clothes. Over the top runway looks and novelty pieces all have a time and place BUT I do not believe this place is at a Black Tie Award Show.  For example:

* Alan Cumming should save his pajama bottoms for the playboy mansion

* Michael Pitt should have left his combat boots in Brooklyn

* Seal?  He could have borrowed some fabric from the hem of his wife’s dress to cover his bare chest

** Moral of the Story: Do not take yourself or fashion too seriously and if all else fails, just remember classic with a twist!

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