Fashion Police has gone down hill since the very sad passing of Joan Rivers. Howard Stern said it best when he revealed during an interview with Melissa Rivers that the problem is Fashion Police lost their “Queen Bee”. Joan could wear over the top real fur, drink white wine out of a coffee mug, and make raunchy jokes all day long! It didn’t matter. She was still lovable, charming and smart to her audience. Joan is a hard act to follow. I doubt anyone ever will. Certainly not Kathy Griffith. I just pretend that she was never on the show!  I appreciate that Melissa Rivers stepped in and is honoring her mother, but she’s no Joan. She tries too hard and bares a very distracting resemblance to Steven Tyler. I do like Giuliana and respect her opinion. Brad even more so. I just wish he would stop saying Louis “Vweeeton” like he just landed from Provence. It just kills me. I am still trying to figure out why NeNe Leeks and Margaret Choo are on the show. Neither are funny enough to make up for their lack of fashion cred. I also really miss Kelly Osbourne. She was the perfect foil to Joan and added a unique take on style. I particularly loved her oft-repeated (and very accurate) comment that tailoring is the key to looking good!

That being said, I have enjoyed Fashion Police more than I anticipated this year! I love analyzing red carpet looks, especially when there is feedback from people like Brad/Giuliana who interview celebrities in person. The rule of the carpet is to look equally (if not more) stunning on camera than in person. Anyone present on the red carpet must select clothing, hair and makeup that photographs well. That is a lesson for all of us as well. If you are going somewhere you think you will be photographed (even if it’s not a red carpet) be mindful of how your clothes will look on camera. In the age of social media, you never know when you will be photographed for all to see.

Still, there is nothing like seeing every detail of a couture gown up close. Real couture has a beauty that can only be truly appreciated in person.

Red carpet fashion seems to be very in-your-face OR boring this year.

Do we love it or hate it? There is not much in between. It’s almost so over the top that a timeless Versace gown looked basic on Reese Witherspoon to many people at the Golden Globes! That dress, with it’s perfect color and cut, would have been the talk of tinsel town in past years.

Some of the gowns can look amazing while others look like they belong on the Zoolander runway! I admit that I can be someone who loves looks on the “No” list – and I am even guilty of owning a dress or two that has appeared on one! However, the line between love-it or leave-it is becoming finer this 2017 award season.

Some examples:

Thandie Newton (SAG Awards)

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Nicole Kidman (SAG and Golden Globes)

Kate hudson (SAG)

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Janelle Monae (SAG and Golden Globes) 

People are not sure how to respond to these whimsical inspired gowns. I think stylists are almost afraid to say anything negative if it’s Chanel, Gucci or Louis Vuitton right now even if they have an unfavorable reaction at first glance.

If I were dressing a client for an awards show – or any event that involved gowns and red carpet – I would abide by the following “Carpet Criteria”:

  1. Look comfortable. Who are we kidding?! No one is comfortable but you need to breathe and walk straight.
  2. Tell the same story from head to toe. The dress and accessories are in the same movie with one main star!
  3. Just  because something is great does not mean it is right for your body or the camera.
  4. Watch the sweat! There are always lots of nerves and lights (poor JLo at the Golden Globes).
  5. Posture is key. As is knowing the angles and body positions the camera likes best.
  6. Get familiar with the background. Know what will be behind you in photos, such as structures, colors, people, etc., and consider how your gown will play against it.
  7. Know what works for your body. Sofia Vergara is great example. She strays from the body conscious mermaid silhouette and it all goes wrong.
  8. Wear your dress the way it was meant to be worn. This means tailoring, tailoring, and more tailoring.
  9. Do not go overboard on self tanner. Just Google Clare Danes at Golden Globes for an example.
  10. Find the right undergarments. Some will work with you, some will work against you. Test run undergarments before your big night.

So far, 2017 red carpet fashion has seen some extremes and there is much more to come this month!

I must leave you with my favorite Joan quote:

My husband wants to be cremated. I told him I’d scatter his ashes at Neiman Marcus – that way, I’d visit him every day! – Joan Rivers