As I said yesterday, I was incredibly disappointed by the fashion on the red carpet this Sunday. Even the few people that have been coined “best dressed” at the 2012 Oscars do not hold the same title for me. Something about every one of them does not appeal to my eye. Let me at least explain what I see when I look at the following three actors:

Jeniffer Lopez – I LOVE her. I think she is a savvy, gorgeous woman who made a name for herself. Unfortunately, I cannot compliment her Oscar dress selection this year.  The long sleeves should have remained clean without the weird cut outs. The fabric composition was a bit tacky and certaintly did not help matters. Sorry Jenny but you should have kept this one on the block.

Angelina Jolie – She is lucky she is such a stunning woman, because that dress did nothing for her. If you notice the shape from the waist up, the gown is quite impressive. I adore the elegant cut and details at the neckline and waist. But then comes the obnoxious slit. What? That slit ruins the entire aesthetic  and symmetry of the gown. I have no problem with the woman showing of her bony leg, but don’t ruin a couture dress! If it were not for the first Versace gown Angelina wore at the Golden Globes this year, I would almost prefer the leather pants routine from the Billy Bob days!

Michelle Williams – I want to like this dress but there is something  that bugs me about it. Finally, it hit me when she turned around, and I saw the obvious nude bustier. Why not cover that Marc? I don’t think it adds to the dress and imagine most women do not want to draw attention to that part of the body. (it brings memories back of struggling to zip up our dresses – bad memories!) But what do I know? I know you should avoid back photos while sporting that gown Ms. Williams.

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