It is true. I am not into girls.  I would never have a girlfriend, especially when it comes to denim!

There is a lot going on these days in the big bad world of denim – skinny, colored, leather, coated, flared, straight, even the overall is back on the rack! I embrace all of these styles – yes even the overall. However, I cannot get into the girlfriend jean. I don’t care to even address the dreaded ex-girlfriend jean. All I will say on the matter is that I believe they should change the name to the  ex-boyfriend jean. If  any man wore a pant that was as small as mine that is exactly what he would be!

Anyway, back to the girlfriend. I understand it being introduced to the market as an alternative to the boyfriend jean. It is supposed to cater to that woman who cannot embrace the look of the boyfriend jean by being slightly scaled down in terms of size and wash. I just find it oddly shaped and believe the person who is going for that look should own it and stick to a true boyfriend. And face it ladies, very few men find oversized clothes attractive. This new alternative is no more of a man catcher than it’s slightly slouchier friend!

I love boyfriend jeans, but feel every wardrobe needs a balance of comfort, class, and sex appeal. I am currently sitting on a plane wearing Rag & Bone Mavens. They are distressed, slouchy and the cherry on top is the elastic waist! They are essentially denim sweatpants that are awesome for travel! The man in my life scowled at me from the waist down when he saw them this morning. But who cares. I am comfortable now and plan on wearing a hot dress to dinner. That is the key to wearing the boyfriend and keeping your man.

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